About me


Recently i started with my own Home Assistant setup (https://www.home-assistant.io/ ), combined with ESPHome programmed modules (https://esphome.io/ ).

Home Assistant is open source, it’s free, but you can support developer team by paying 5$ monthly and with this you get your own externall acces address, speech and some other nice functions.

But, HA requires quite some programming knowledge or you’re stuck at very basic stuff. Since i’m not exactly experienced programmer i’ve had quite some problems with various things. Luckily internet is full of HA and guys in HA community are very nice and they try to help and explain problems.

So, i decided that i’ll write some of my solved problems down on this site.

Currently i use ESP8266, ESP32 and Sonoff modules. I also have some Xiaomi temperature/humidity modules, connected to ESP32 via BT. I decided for ESPHome FW since i found out that it’s the easiest way to integrate modules in HA – same programming language, same scripts… and it doesn’t require MQTT server.

All contents on this site is purely my experience and findings from internet, forums, good guys who are always willing to help. I’m absolutely not a proffessional in this stuff. So, PLEASE, if anyone feels that i wrote ANYTHING wrong or if i forgot to mention anyone… PLEASE, let me know! If i left anything out, it’s definitely NOT intentional! You can find contact info on “Contact” page.

Have fun!