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  Surething templates for Surething CD Labeler

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After many complaints about Surething CD Labeler not having a template for CDR printing, i took my time and created some. They are made for PIXMA ip4000 printer, but I've got nice post from Guy, who tested them with his ip5000 and templates work just fine.

Thanks, Guy!

I also received a post from Sindre, who tested templates on ip8500. Works just fine.

Thanks, Sindre!

It seems that all PIXMA series have the same CDR Tray....which also proves latest mail from John, who tested it on his ip3000 model.

Thanks, John!

Now, to reality....

One template is full-faced, for printable CDR's which have printable surface up to the very inner ring - without any transparent 1mm wide space. You can download it HERE. However, even if you do have that 1 mm transparent ring, you can still use it without any harm. Note however that in Surething you can't change (or create or delete) inner ring. That's very funny, but it's the way it is. EDIT: this could be corrected in newer versions...

Other template is for normal CDR's, it's made from Epson's Photo Stylus Photo 900 and adjusted accordingly. So far i didn't receive any complaints, so i guess this one works, too...

BUT...since i don't want any of you to curse me, i created a test design, too. And BEFORE you ruin any nice new printable CDR, you can test it with any coaster, however it's preferrable to be on of more matte surface, since on such CDR's ink will be seen better.

So, you open this test desing for full face CDR's or this test design for normal CDR's and you will see a black circle on the very outer edge of CDR, or if you have normal design, there's one circle on the inner edge of CDR, too. Just insert your coaster and print this design on it. When done, check if this black circle is really centered on the CDR. If not, go to File/Page Setup. A new window will open and in there find 'Start position'. Adjust 'Left' or 'Right' value, whichever is necessary and print again - you don't even need a new coaster, as you can wipe out just printed one and use it again. When you are satisfied, delete black circle and save your edited design as template.

As simple as that.


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