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Slovenska verzija


Kawasaki Z750S

My Collies, Sheltie and Golden retriever

 --- ooo ---

My Kawasaki



you can see LED taillight and exhaust


instrument panel

back to analog...

One light is dipped beam, other is long beam and you can't wire them to light both when dipped, since two H7 bulbs are used


close inspection...
aha...smells OK


lock for seat is well hidden under it...
bastards..took me 2hours to find it... (thatlittle hole)


space under the seat
Not big, but still more than 

nice seat for two


handlebars for passenger

battery is more accesible



exhaust system should be made from stainless steel (as they claim)

tail light, made with LED's---nice look!


note that side stand is a bit too close with foot rest... I'll have to change this.

My collies (and of course, young Sheltie)

my young one today...   just after digging...
nicely sleeping   playing after good sleep is a must
young and old one...   another shot...
arrival of little Sheltie   getting to know each other
somewhat bigger   Friendship
arrival of golden retriever   new
soooo tired...   group picture

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