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Since i drive a lot in cold days, I thought to mount extra heated handles on my bike. I made some shots so
everyone can see that it's not a big deal to mount them...

I bought them in Louis, German bike accessories supplier, but any model will do the job.

Performance of these grips is pretty nice, but only on long or non-traffic roads. If you drive in a city with a lot of traffic they your fingers are almost constantly on brake/clutch handles and consequently your fingers begin to freeze...grip itself gets nicely warm, though.

If you want bigger picture, just click on the respective thumbnail.


removing weights was the most difficult part of all...finally (with some help from my Internet friends) i managed to remove them...you can't remove them with ordinary screwdriver. You'll need some kind like this on a picture...
also use a hammer!


as you can see, there was quite some glue on the screws...

removing old grips was pretty easy, using a piece of wire (or welding electrode)You just rotate it while pushing it further in and whole grip will easy tear off (it's glued on)


then just put some soap water in between, move handle and it will easy fall off

old grips
off course, DON'T forget to wash and dry before putting new handle on!


a set, bought in Austria for 24.90

put a glue (don't skimp on it, especially on right handle, which is used for throttle) and watch the position of wire. Since right grip was too loose, i inserted some thin plastic (PE transparent bag) in between (also glued it on)


you will also need to cut off some rubber at the end, since originally grips are closed for mounting on bikes without weights. Even better -->do it BEFORE you glue it on!

mounting weights must be somewhat modified: since new grips are a bit longer, some washers (i used 3 pcs. of M10 inox) must be inserted to make sure that weight doesn't prevent throttle to move freely.

Also put some new special glue for preventing weights to loosen.


mount a switch to a neat place. Then all it's left is wiring. That's up to individual and a type of bike. I connected all via relay directly to a battery, while relay is switched on with main lights-since they turn on when engine is started, it's ideal beause that way no unnecesarry current is drawn before engine is actually running and it's switched off with a key, so you can't forget and drain a battery :-(

That's it. Of course you have to fasten wires so that whole thing doesn't look too ugly. A little creativity is necessary.

Good luck!

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