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This site is here for my personal interest and with intention to share some things i found out and i'd like to share them with others.
Note that anything you use, it's on your own risk!

Regarding contents of my pages, if you have any questions or suggestions, contact me on my E-mail which is given on my "Contact" page

Quick info about contents:

Although it's pretty old, I decided to leave CDR templates for my good old Canon ip4000 Inkjet printer and also instructions about correct settings for CDR printing with this printer. I think it can be useful info for other model owners, too.


My impressions about my Kawasaki Z750S bike are also explained. Since i've had Yamaha Fazer 600 before it, I wrote some differences I've found between the two.

Finally, there's detailed description about building bike stand - front and rear.

I also explained how to mount heat-grips on my Kawasaki with ease...


Finally, i put some photos of my two Collies...well...now there are three actually, however third one is from my niece and it's not a Collie actually, but rather a Shetland sheepdog, which is basically just a miniature Collie...


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