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Stand for my Z750S (i bet it's also good for Z750 and many others)

Since this bike doesn't have central stand (as Fazer does), I made extra stand for the purpose of chain lubricating,
and also some say that it's a good idea to have your bike on such stand over the winter to prevent deformation of tires.

Sure, it's cheap to buy, but if you're up to it, why not make it by yourself?
It can be build from waste pipes so cost is almost nothing, and whatever you save, you can spend on beer later (of course walking TO and FROM local pub home!!!)...

Stand is made of steel pipes, all measures are in mm. If you are unfamiliar with it, note that 1 inch is 25.4 mm, so you can calculate.

Material needed:

- steel pipe - I used 30x20 one;
- Then you need two wheels. I used some old ones I found and they are 10 cm big;
- Two screws M10 x 1.25 mm - Note that these two screws are NOT standard M10 (which are M10 x 1.5mm), but M10 x 1.25 mm !!!
- some paint and maybe a piece of self-adhesive fabrics for sticking it to the bottom to prevent paint scratching.

Then cut all needed parts, weld them together, paint and  -  voila!! Stand is finished! Piece of cake...

Putting the motor on this stand is really easy! Far more easy as it looks on first sight. Just insert stand on two screws, holding it a bit sideway (like shows pic 08), then hold passenger handle with your left hand and push stand down with your right hand and bike will first straighten up, then you can lift it.

Taking it down is also easy - just lift stand gently while dragging passenger handle towards yourself a bit to make sure that bike won't fall on the right.


Detailed plan of REAR STAND with all measures of rear stand is HERE, while below are some shots of details to help you make it.

FRONT STAND is basically similar to rear one with slight dimensions adjustments and change in  type of the hook.
I just used a round stick, pushed it through the hole in front wheel and bike is up! Some shots are below.
Again, detailed plan is available HERE.

And - as always - if anything is not clear, mail me and I'll try to explain.

screw is welded to the stand as wheel holder - size of the screw depends on the wheel hole and width


detail of the hook

attached wheel - note that you must use self-holding nut, so it won't loosen up


finished stand



These two screws (M10 x 1 mm) are used for ataching to the bike, nuts are welded just as limiter, so that stand won't scratch the bike

screws attached


as bike stands on side stand, you just stick the holder with both hooks on the screws, then slowly push down holding the bike

bike on the stand


Rear wheel 's up!

Now front one...
Just push round stick through center hole


attach front stand hooks to the stick and lift


Front is up, too.


Final look of lifted bike

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