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Let me give you one good link about how to ride a motorcycle safely. It was found by one of my Internet friends...


There are really good info about things. So, read it, think about it, read again and follow it!

Bike photos are now in my gallery!

Bike stand -->  I made a stand for my bike. Rear and front stands are finished and working great. It's a good thing to have for the winter period, since it's not a good idea for a  bike to be standing on it's wheels for months...
Click on above link for details.

Some official information about new Z750S (PDF). It's pretty thorough information about the bike.

Before all, let me say that all information is based on MY experience and conclusions. It's not any official state and it's definitely NOT meant to discredit or hurt anything OR anyone!

I've heard that S model has slightly changed front fork angle, so it's more stable at the road. But at the same time supposedly doesn't go in the corner as naked one. But, it's supposed to be driven on more open roads, the opposite as naked, which is designed for rushing through the corners.

As my friend told me, who tried naked one, it's kind of motor to be a bit afraid of, if you're not  experienced, since the bike practically goes into the corner almost by itself, so you must watch out and push it out of it... In this regard, S model is suppose to be more modest and as such better for people who are still learning to drive so hi-powered bikes. And believe me, this bike with it's 110 HP IS the beast on two wheels! So powerful acceleration...well, it's hard to describe, you must simply try it out to see.

Supposedly S model also have slightly changed EEPROM fuel ignition map, which is needed because it has windshield, which causes the bike to react differently at high speeds. Both Yamaha Fazer's (naked and shielded) also have different EEPROM maps for the same reason.

I found one US review on bikeland's site, so you can read it HERE. (PDF, 4.7 M)  It's just this article says how this bike is impossible to lift on the back wheel...it's not exactly true. From my knowledge it can't be lifted only with acceleration, but driver must help itself with a clutch. I never tried it myself nor I'm planning to, though...

Some my impressions and comparisons Z750 - fazer FZ6S

So...first good stuff, then bad stuff...

Clutch is way better...it grips more gradually...not like Fazer, when first couple of times engine stops when you try to drive off...
Really, I think  what I hated most on Fazer was the clutch. I remember each of my friends who tried my Fazer  for the first time bike died a few times... In a period of 4 months even I didn't learn to drive off right and each time I feared that bike will die... Especially when waiting at the traffic lights and hoping for fast drive-off...

But brakes are indeed gripping less than Fazer ones. At first... Tests of Z750 said that when you squeeze brakes harder, they grip very well, and from i see up to now, it's true. One English test of Z750 I've read say that Z750 stops sooner than Fazer, so brakes are good. Other thing is - they wrote in the manual that a rider should always use BOTH brakes - rear and front! This can bedangerous, so this should be taken with caution... I understand this when riding a scooter, since it has weight towards the rear side, so in order to achieve good braking, a man must use both brakes. But on sport bike you are leaning forward, so most of the weight is more at front. I do use both brakes for years now and I can say that if you use it often, you learn how much pressure is needed and safe and so you'll be able to brake fast and safe even in an emergency.

Torque...WOW you can feel it! In low RPM's - like 3-4k, the bike really accelerates better than fazer, which was very lazy in that rpm's. Bigger displacement really shows here. And I bet it also shows in fuel consumption...

And I really like analog instruments. They are digitally controlled anyway. Small LCD can show two trip times, clock, odo, and other one fuel gauge. Bike doesn't have temperature gauge, though. This function was good on Fazer - when it's cold, one LCD segment flashes in order to tell you that engine is cold. On Kawasaki I couldn't tell this. But, then again I always looked to that damn flashing LCD too much, not paying attention of the road like I should....

Another good thing is so-called positive neutral finder - system is designed so that if bike is not moving, then you can't shift from 1st to 2nd, but only into neutral. So, end of painful and long neutral finding and swinging between 1st and 2nd gear. Just shift to 1st, stop and raise lever to enter neutral. Really useful!!

Bad things

What's not that good is however neutral light. On Fazer, this light was very quick - I mean, when I downshifted and I went from 2nd to 1st, this light briefly flashed so I instantly knew that I have first gear. On Z750S this light has slight time shift, so in such situation it remains off. So, I'll have to learn to downshift until it won't go anymore.
EDIT: I found a solution for this problem. Above is caused because Z750 has normal bulbs indicators, while Fazer has LED's. Since one of bulbs died on my Z, I decided to "upgrade" my instrument panel and i removed all standard bulbs and replaced them with white LED's. Now neutral is also quickly shown when passing from 2nd to 1st gear ! Yeah!

I think side stand is situated a bit strange - since I have bike shoes, I was having a bit of trouble pulling it down, since it's a bit too close to foot stand and it's not protruding out enough. This is especially hard if you wear bike boots, since (at least mine) have somewhat shorter bottom rear edge, so stepping on this stand is hard. I guess I'll have to weld some extra stuff on it.

What I miss in instrument panel is fuel low km counting. Fazer has this useful thing: when last digit flashes (warning of low fuel), it starts to count km passed with fuel reserve. Z750S only have flashing last segment, which means you have only 5 liters of fuel left, after that you must count km by yourself and also remember when segment began to flash...

Also either exhaust or my helmet (Schuberth S1 - excellent helmet, by the way) has one annoying resonance somewhere between 2500 and 3000 rpm and then you can hear exhaust pretty loud, which is very annoying. As a result, long slow driving in traffic or city can cause headaches. I hope I'll use to this sound. But overall exhaust sound is better than fazer one. I think a bit because of bigger displacement, but I bet main reason is one big exhaust instead of two small pipes. It almost eliminates the need of buying other exhausts, like Akrapovic, Remus etc.

What's supposedly down side is - as I've read elsewhere - the fact that engine is painted in order to save money. So, this paint can start to peel off with years, which looks ugly. Also if a bike accidentally falls to one side (like when standing still and you can't hold it), it's not such big deal on fazer, but of Z it immediately causes scratches which are visible from miles...while same scratches on fazer are almost invisible. This calls for some sort of crash bar...

Also first period of running-in is more restrict stated. While Fazer have max. 6000 rpm first 1000 km and max. 8000 (I believe) until 1500, Z have max. 4000 first 800 km and max. 6000 until 1600 km. This results in max. speed of 90 km/hour (@4000 rpm), which is veeeery slow for such bike.

In short, I really think it's better buy than Fazer. Don't get me wrong, since I'm not advertising anything just because I owe it. I just feel this difference.

Lastly, you know what people say...any Kawasaki color is good color, as long it's blue... :-)

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